Who we are:

The organised rehabilitation institute for Urban Sloths (or ORIFUS) was founded in 2010 after the discovery of the new epidemic Urban Sloth disease and the struggle for those who suffer it to contribute genetically in today’s world. Without the proper rehabilitation to ease symptoms, their lifespan will dramatically decrease. We are a charity organisation and require all the financial support we can get from those caring enough to preserve the right for the survival of any living creature on this planet. Hopefully we have just described you :)


What is Urban Sloth disease?

The Urban Sloth disease is a newly discovered epidemic which may point us to a new evolutionary lineĀ or human population which replicates attributes uncannily resembling the Bradypodidae (three-toed sloth). Although commonly misdiagnosed and described as “Fat, lazy person usually on the couch”, sufferers differ to the physiology of regular humans with larger bone structure, thick hair which covers most of the body and larger eccrine and apocrine glands which means higher sweat secretion. Those studying the medical disease are currently heatedly debating whether to reclassify Urban Sloth disease into a new species of homosapien or into a syndrome.

The following table indicates the attributes in a sufferer of Urban Sloth disease which are shared by several animals:

What we do:

Using public donations, we provide training which covers modifying some of the aforementioned traits so that symptoms of Urban Sloth disease can be controlled and sufferers can be included in today’s society once more.

  • We help them feel comfortable with other surroundings and break their involuntary need to spend countless of hours recluse on their couch
  • We encourage exercise calorie burning activities to reduce the chance of obesity (a common medical condition of the Urban Sloth)
  • We provide stages of controlled social environments to ease them into modern society